Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Dark Mechanicum's New Killing Machine

This is just a WIP teaser for my next big project.Guess what it might be.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Big Papa Nurgle's Shower of Pus 3

The Full Version in all its disgusting glory.

Big Papa Nurgle's Shower of Pus 2

The Great Uncle One before the pus shower.

Big papa Nurgle's Shower of Pus 1 WIP

Forgeworld's Great Unclean One (resin by David Cockersell)
+GW's nurglings (plastic, by Brian Nelson and Darren Latham)+blight drones (plastic by Mike Anderson).
+ Sedition War fluorescent sprues
The base is made of cork mats.

The basic project was to use blight drones which would pour pus on the unclean one, like a shower of pus. I have explained how to make the pus earlier:

I got this idea of pus jets from Maxime Pastourel's tutorial on his "Rotten Swarm". Thank you Man!


I first made sure the pus sprues coud fit the model. 

Then I also made them fit individual bases so that they could be used separately (for gaming). Long hours for that one to assemble and paint...


Sunday, 22 January 2017

Week-end Speed painting: A Seven-hour army coudn't hold me back!

Mantic's undead army (plastic by ???)

5 hours to paint the rank and file (34 minis)

+previously painted skeleton rider (2h) + skeleton with dog (30mn) = A 7-hour army!

Those minis I've been waiting for a long time on my shelves. They deserved a colourful layer. they gave me an opportunity of having a break in the process of assembling and painting a very large and "rotten" project which will be revealed quite soon...

A skewer of undead creatures by Mantic and GW ready to be primed (more than 3 years ago)


Thursday, 19 January 2017

Shower of Pus 3

GW's blight drones 3 (plastic, by Mike Anderson)

The base is made with Scibor's resin + GW's basing kit + Green Line's flowers