Monday, 1 September 2014

Undead's week: zombie dragon and Vlad von Carstein

Since Nagash has returned, let's begin this blog with an undead's week. This is GW's zombie dragon converted with Vlad von Carstein (also converted) on its back. Vampire Counts are my favourite Warhammer Battle army. This model was submitted for Golden Demon in 2012 in Germany but it didn't get me anything.

GW's Zombie dragon (plastic, by Alex Hedström and Martin Footit)
+GW's Vlad von Carstein (finecast, by Mark Harrison)
+GW's Corpse cart (plastic, by ???)
+GW's Empire battle wizards (plastic, by Brian Nelson)
+GW's Garden of Morr (plastic, by Dave Andrews)

The zombie dragon has not digested the humans he has devoured
 The corpses are from the "Corpse cart" kit

This poor guy is also part of the "Corpse Cart" kit
 The zombie dragon can be standing on rocks. This is the version I can play with.


Vlad's hair has been changed so that he can carry a flaming skull (from the "Empire battle wizards" kit)

Vlad's flaming sword is also (from the "Empire battle wizards" kit)

The other version is on a display base using elements from the "Garden of Morr" kit
My son broke the statue's sword when he played with that one. Oops!

 Some pictures of the WIP:

Stay tuned for other undead minis this week! Tomorrow, Vlad's bride will rise!

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