Saturday, 4 March 2017

Elspeth von Draken, the Lady of the Everlasting Rose

Forgeworld's Elspeth von Draken (Carmine dragon, resin, by Trish Carden + Elspeth, resin, by Edgar Skomorowski)
+bits from Shar'tor + spear from vampire lord on zombie dragon + spears from Mantic + tombstone by Greenstuff world
+flowers by Greenline
+bushes and apple trees by FR D├ęcor

The top with the spears is magnetized and can be removed for storage.
This fantastic model was such a pleasure to paint. I have to admit that I overindulged with the flowers but Elspeth deserved it.

The apples in the trees are made with polystyrene. I was suprised to see them disappear when I tried to glue some in the branches and on the ground. I realized there was a chemical reaction between the glue and the polystyrene: they just melted in a second! So I used green stuff to fix some here and there.

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