Saturday, 30 September 2017

Magnetized Spider!

Kingdom Death's Spidicules (plastic, by Thomas David?)

When you are a painter and a gamer, you have to think practical. You need to have an easy access to the minis used in a game and you have to keep in mind that they will take a particular amount of space on your shelves (although they are called miniatures!).

 When you look at the dimensions of the Spidicules, you realize it's a monstrous piece of a monster!
So you can either rent a storage container somewhere, or try to find a cheaper and easier solution.
I have decided to magnetized its legs and the appendice on its head. Now I can store it in a small box and it only takes a few seconds to get ready for the game!

Spidicule + baby Spidicule (Spiderling)

First, I built the head of the Spidicules, drilled some shallow holes were the legs are attached, filled these with green stuff and added magnets.

 Then I did the same with a smaller magnet for the head appendice. I also added some green stuff here and there to fill the joints of the different parts.

I cut some plastic parts out of the legs and used green stuff to create joints where I could add a magnet. A small metal wire is still necessary to bear the weight of the body.

And voilĂ !

Now let's paint that beast (Can't wait to defeat it in Kingdom Death's Monster!)


"Please let me in! You've forgotten to let me in!"


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