Monday, 30 July 2018

Nighthaunts Completed

GW's Nighthaunts from the Age of Sigmar 2nd edition Core Box (plastic, by Brian Nelson and Steve Buddle).

Undead have always been my favourite faction from Oldhammer's skeletons and zombies, to Vampire Counts, Legions of Nagash and now Nighthaunts. I've kept the yellowish-greenish-flame of my undead army to keep the same colour theme (use the "undead keyword" on this blog if you want to see those).

I have to say that painting those tabletop Nighthaunts was delightful. I love everything about them. The quality of the sculpt, the poses, the details... My favourite is the Lord Executioner. What a mini! I might get the alternate-pose Lord executioner mini that will be released in the next weeks. That's why I continue to love Games Workshop's minis. They are always top quality stuff! And easy to assemble to boot!

I have already some banshees on my workbench to complete that lot, but first a Nurgle conversion I am quite proud of could show up on my blog. 

The bases are from the shattered dominion kit. Excellent for that range. Everything magnetized of course. Now I'm eager to play with those! I might even post some pictures of Games.

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